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Homework can be downloaded from folders below.

Algebra2 Regents Exam: Thursday June 14th 12:15 PM   

June 4th- 8th

Important owed work:  
MidTerm Review Packet
Redo June16 (32-34,36-37),  (1-17),  (18-31,35)
Testcorr 4D 
Mastery Assignments due this Thursday 3:12PM:
Redo Jan 17 (30-37),  (1-15),  (16-29)
Mon Aug 2017 #16-29      
Tues Aug 2017 #1-15
Wed Aug 2017 #30-37
Thur Jan 2018 #30-37
Fri Jan 2018 #16-29
Mastery Assignments due next Tuesday:
Practice Regents Test Corrections Day1 & Day2
  Complete your mastery assignments.  Everyone is expected to take at least one 1/2 Regents Make-up Test.  (If you would like to take more, I have prepared 3 practice make-up exams.)



Reviewe topics 

Equation of circle / Completing the square 
y = a sin bx  and y = a cos bx 
Factor by grouping 
Quadratic formula - imaginary roots 
radians vs degrees
Equation of parabola, Directrix - Focus
Understand Domain and Range
Trig formulas
Odd and Even Functions