AP Calculus

October 15th - 19th

Test on the Derivative Monday
Mon Read p 127-133 take notes on "blue"
   p 133 # 3-8, 11 a i,ii, 12abce 
Tues p 141 #1-5, 11 & Test Corrections Unit2
3.1 #2,4,5-11
3.2 #2,9,10,11
3.2b #12-24 show all graphs  

Unit 3 The Definite Integral

The area under a velocity curve gives you the distance traveled.

The definite integral of f(x) on [a,b] is equal to the area under the curve f(x) on [a,b]

The definite integral is equal to the Riemann sum of the left hand rectangles as the number of rectangles increases without bound.


Next week we will be ready of the

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Think 5!, 5!, 5!


2017-2018 AP Calc Results - 78% earned 5's

2016-2017 AP Calc Results - 50% earned 5's
2015-2016 AP Calc Results - 60% earned 5's

AP Calculus AB
2019 Exam, Tuesday May 14th.