English III

For the final few weeks of school, we are reading John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 response-Due May 30, 2018 1. Develop a central idea about the theme of isolation or friendship.
2.In one or two paragraphs, analyze how the author uses the characterization of Crooks or Curley's wife to further develop the theme of isolation.  
Ensure your response gives an insightful claim about the overarching message expressed about the theme.   (Remember good, better, best claims?)

Use the following questions to springboard your analysis:
What is the reason for the character's isolation?
What is the consequence of the character's isolation?
How has the isolation shaped the character?
Each character expresses a desire in this chapter.  How does the desire add to the theme?
How does the character's situation contrast from Lennie and George's relationship? 
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Tuesdays: Multiple choice
Wednesdays: Argumentative Essay
Literary Analysis Essay

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