Ms. Courtney

Anna Courtney



School Day Schedule:
8:00-8:42      1st period: English I
8:45-9:30         2nd period: English III
9:33-10:15     3rd period: Planning
10:18-11:00          4th period: English I
11:03-11:45 5th period: Study Hall
11:45-12:30      6th period: AP Language
12:58-1:40     8th period: Planning
1:43-2:25      9th period: English III

 Originally from Sioux Falls, SD, I now call Salem my home.  I have enjoyed becoming a part of this sweet community. The 2016-2017 school year will be my ninth at Salem Central.  The charm and strength of the school are the students.  In English this year, we will focus on thinking critically about literature.  We will ask questions about the what, why, and how of writing.  Students will be expected to communicate their thoughts and opinions through writing.  The key to writing is rewriting. A lot of practice will be given to improving the craft of writing.